Toshiba Environmental Vision and Management

Toshiba Group wishes to contribute proactively to build a sustainable society. Accordingly, we are promoting environmental management with the aim of attaining the target of the Environmental Vision 2050: People Leading Rich Lifestyles in Hamony with the Earth.

Environmental Vision 2050
Toshiba Group's Environmental Management

Through value creation inspired by our three over-arching themes-"Surprise and Sensation," "Safety and Security," and "Comfort"-coupled with a wholehearted commitment to the prevention of global warming, control of chemical substances and efficient utilization of resources, we intend to bring our business process and products into ever closer harmony with the needs of planet Earth. We believe these efforts will help to build a sustainable society.
At Toshiba, environmental considerations are built into management. We are promoting environmental management covering all products and all business processes in every phase from manufacturing and usage through to recycling of end-of-life products. This approach is the practical realization of our slogan: "Committed to People, Committed to the Future. Toshiba."

People leading rich lifestyles in harmony with the Earth - this is the ideal situation envisaged in 2050 as per Toshiba Group Environmental Vision 2050. Under this overarching vision, we consider our mission, as a corporate citizen of planet Earth, is to create new, enriched value while minimizing environmental impacts.




Approaches and Actions to make the Vision a Reality
Toshiba Group aims to make Environmental Vision 2050 a reality by pursuing two complementary approaches: while the Energy Approach emphasizes the stable supply of reliable energy and mitigation of climate change, the Eco Products Approach focuses on creating new value in harmony with the Earth. In addition, we are taking action on two standpoints-while Eco Process seeks to minimize environmental impacts throughout business processes, Eco Program is a concerted effort to tackle environmental issues in collaboration with our stakeholders.




Toshiba Corporate Environmental Management

Committed to People, Committed to the Future. Throughout product development, Toshiba assesses the environmental impacts of product usage while striving to maximize recovery of resources and recycling of end-of-use products.

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