EXCERIA™ with Adapter


    • Line-up from 16GB to 64GB Capacity
    • Write Speed: Up to 60 MB/s
    • Read Speed: Up to 95 MB/s
    • Waterproof performance IPX7 compatible 1*
    • X-ray Proof ISO7816-1 compatible 2*
    • 5 Years Warranty
  • Overview
    • Capacities:

      Recommended for:

      Up to 95 MB/s Read Speed

      The Toshiba Exceria™ microSDHC™ series is excellent for transferring Full HD videos or high resolution photographs. It is fast and smart.

      Various Capacities:

      You can choose from various capacities starting from 16GB to 64GB to expand the storage capacity of your mobile device.


      The Toshiba microSDHC™ cards with the dimensions of 15 mm (L) x 11 mm (W) x 1.0 mm (H) can be built-in in your device without any problems.


      The Toshiba High Speed Standard microSD™ Cards are fully compliant with the latest SD Association specification. With the Adapter it is compatible with SD or SDHC™ slots.


      Toshiba’s SD cards are based on non-volatile memory components and have no moving parts that could wear or break.

      5 Year Warranty

      Engineered to Toshiba’s famously high quality standards, the Toshiba SD Memory Cards are backed by a solid five-year limited standard warranty.

      1* According to Toshiba's test based on IPX7 standard, the product can function, after it is submerged quietly and left for 30minutes in static tap water at room temperature and in depth of 1m and then it is taken out of the water. Caution remarks on "waterproof".
      - If liquid is applied on (touches) the card, remove the liquid by soft cloth immediately.
      - The waterproof is based on our internal testing, and does not guarantee usage under "all/any" conditions. Please be aware.

      2* ISO7816-1 compliant means, that even after exposing this product to X-ray 0.1Gy, the product will still work.

      64 GB lets you store


      High Quality Pictures

      960 min.

      High Quality Video

      More info

  • Technical Specs
    • Model
        SD-CX16UHS1(6A SD-CX32UHS1(6A SD-CX64UHS1(6A
      Technical Specifications
      Capacity 16GB 32GB 64GB
      Interface SD Memory Card standard compatible
      Speed Class UHS speed class 3
      Write Speed 60 MB/s **
      Read Speed 95 MB/s **
      Dimensions 15 mm (L) x 11 mm (W) x 1.0 mm (H)
      Weight approx 0.4 g
      Operating Temperature -25°C to +85°C (Recommended)
      Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C (Recommended)

      ** Read and write speeds may vary depending on the read and write conditions, such as devices you use and file sizes you read and/or write.
      *1) For the purpose of calculating read/write speed in this context, 1MB = 1,000,000 bytes.
      *2: 1 MB per second is calculated as 1,000,000 bytes per second.
      *3: Based on Toshiba's test results. *Actual read and write speeds depend upon the device in use and the size of the file.
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