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TransMemory™ Mini


Available in fresh new colours, there is a Toshiba flash drive for every occasion. Ultra small and sleek, the mini-USB Flash Drive series is ideal for PC or tablet use. They are available in capacities of up to 16GB.
Stick and move your pictures and movies !

16 GB 8 GB 4 GB



Onderdeelnummer Capaciteit Kleur EAN
THNU04ENSRED(6 4 GB Rozerood -
THNU08ENSRED(6 8 GB Rozerood -
THNU16ENSRED(6 16 GB Rozerood -
THNU08ENSPUR(6 8 GB Paars -
THNU16ENSPUR(6 16 GB Paars -
THNU08ENSYEL(6 8 GB Geel -
THNU16ENSYEL(6 16 GB Geel -