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microSD™ Cards


High-capacity endurance microSD cards

Dashboard cameras and any other steady video recording require endurable storage solutions that can provide high performance in permanent use. As the continuous writing and rewriting process increase the risk of interruption, only high premium microSD cards with augmented endurance are able to minimize this risk and to secure an errorless recording.

  • Endurance
  • Video Speed Class (V30)
  • Read Speed up to 98 MB/s
  • 4K Full HD recording
  • Android compatible
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Use for: Dashboard cameras, video surveillance cameras, mobile phones, tablets, eBooks, VR glasses, drones
128 GB 64 GB 32 GB
M303E comes in capacities up to 128 GB and can store hours of video at 4K resolution - four times more pixels than Full HD format video. The EXCERIA™ M303E supports UHS-I, Speed Class U3 (V30) for 4K video recording and playback.


Allowing up to 6,000 hours* of Full-HD video recording with 128GB model. Continuous safe recording usage as dashboard or surveillance cameras requires enhanced endurance. This feature reduces the possibility of video recording failures.
(*up to 3,000 hours with 32GB and 64GB)

The speed you need

With read speeds of up to 98 MB/s and write speeds of up to 65 MB/s, you can keep up with the action around you.


Since the cards were specifically designed for outdoor video recording and photography, we made sure they will perform under extreme conditions. That’s why they are shockproof, waterproof and temperature proof.

ESD Immunity

Resistance to human body electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Electrical fuse is mounted

If an overcurrent occurs inside a card, the electrical fuse will be cut in order to prevent overheat and ignition.

Quality you can trust

Toshiba is the inventor of flash memory, and has a well-earned worldwide reputation for producing high quality technology.

Product Specifications

  • Capacity

    32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB

  • Interface

    UHS I / Speed Class 3, U3 (V30)

  • UHS Speed Class

    UHS Speed Class 3,
    Video Speed Class 30,
    SD Speed Class 10

  • Speed Class

    Video Speed Class 30,
    UHS Speed Class 10

  • Max read speed (MB/s)

    98 MB/s

  • Max write speed (MB/s)

    65 MB/s

  • Dimensions

    15.0 mm (L) × 11.0 mm (W) × 1.0 mm (H)

  • Weight

    Approx. 0.3g

  • Operating Temperature

    -25 to 85℃ (without condensation)

  • Service & Support

    2 Years

  • Details

    Estimated recording times:

    HD video approx. 15hrs. 20min
    Full HD video approx. 12hrs. 20 min

    HD video approx. 7hrs. 40min
    Full HD video approx. 6hrs. 10 min

    HD video approx. 3hrs. 50min
    Full HD video approx. 3hrs.

Product Range

Part number Capacity EAN
THN-M303E0320E2 32 GB 4047999411314
THN-M303E0640E2 64 GB 4047999411321
THN-M303E1280E2 128 GB 4047999411338

Warranty, Firmware & Software

Please click here to find information about the warranty.

With software or firmware for your Compact Flash, SD Cards or USB Sticks provided by Toshiba, your memory products can all enable the smart digital lifestyle.

Where to buy

All features depending on model and local availability. The complete disclaimer and legal information can be found here: disclaimer

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