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Solid State Drives


NVME™ Speed Within Budget

Want to take advantage of the latest storage technologies without breaking the bank? The Toshiba OCZ RC100 brings NVME™ to everybody with performance surpassing that of SATA drives, but without the killer cost. Based off Toshiba’s single package BGA SSDs, the RC100 brings strong performace and power efficiency in a compact form factor suitable for both desktops and laptops systems.

  • 64-layer 3D BiCS TLC
  • PCI Express® Base Specification Revision 3.1a (PCIe®)
  • Sequential Read/Write Speed: Up to 1600/1100 MB/s
  • Random Read/Write Speed: Up to 150,000/110,000 IOPS
480 GB 240 GB 120 GB
No More SATA Bottleneck
Don't be held back by an interface designed for hard drives. The NVME™ interface was designed from the ground up to take advantage of NAND flash technology and the PCI Express® bus means it has the bandwidth to deliver performance outclassing even enthusiast SATA SSDs.


First generation NVME™ drives had high performance, but also came at a high cost. Toshiba has leveraged our expertise in NAND flash to design an entire SSD that fits within a single BGA package, delivering an NVMe drive that balances cost and performance.


Leveraging this BGA SSD has resulted in a drive that’s extremely power efficient, consuming almost half the active power drwa of enthusiast NVMe drives giving you even longer battery life on the go.


Since the entire SSD is contained within a single BGA chip, the RC100 fits onto an M.2 2242 PCB, making it one of the smallest SSDs available in retail. It’s perfect for small form factor builds and plugs directly into the motherboard, reducing additional cable clutter.


Each RC100 is built with Toshiba’s advanced 3D BiCS FLASH™ memory and a vertically stacked cell structure, delivering a state-of-the-art storage experience.


The SSD Utility management software was designed to help your OCZ drive thrive and lets you be in control of maintenance, monitoring, SSD tuning, OS tuning and more!

Product Specifications

  • Storage memory

    64-layer 3D BiCS TLC

  • Capacity

    120 GB, 240 GB, 480 GB

  • Interface

    Maximum Speed
    16 GT/s (PCIe® Gen3x2L)

    NVM Express™ Revision 1.2.1 command set

  • Form Factor

    M.2 type 2242-S3-B-M

  • Max read speed (MB/s)

    Up to 3,400 MB/s (500 GB),
    Up to 3,400 MB/s (1,000 GB),
    Up to 3,400 MB/s (2,000)

  • Max write speed (MB/s)

    Up to 2,500 MB/s (500 GB),
    Up to 3,200 MB/s (1,000 GB),
    Up to 3,200 MB/s (2,000)

  • MTTF

    1 Mhours

  • Supply Voltage

    3.3 V ± 5%

  • Power consumption (L.1.2 Power)

    5 mW (typ.)

  • Power Consumption

    3.20 W (typ.)

  • Dimensions

    42.00 ± 0.15 mm x 22.00 ± 0.15 mm x 2.38 mm

  • Weight

    120GB: 3.0 g (typ.)
    240GB: 3.1 g (typ.)
    480GB: 3.5 g (typ.)

  • Product Health Monitoring

    SSD Utility version 3.1 and above

  • PCI Express

    Compatible with PCI Express® Base Specification Revision 3.1a and NVM Express™ Revision 1.2.1 command set

  • Operating system

    Windows® 10, Linux® Fedora 26, Fedora 27; Mint 18.1, 18.3; Ubuntu 17.10

  • Operating Temperature

    0°C (Tc) to 70°C (Tc)

  • Storage Temperature

    -40°C to 85°C

  • Shock Resistance

    14.709 km/s² {1500 G} Peak, 10~200 Hz, (20 min / Axis) x 3 Axis

  • Certifications

    TÜV-Bauart, BSMI, RCM, CE, UL & cUL (CSA), China RoHS, KC, FCC, ISED, VCCI, WEEE, PCI Express®

  • Connector Type

    M.2 B-M key Socket

  • Targeted Applications

    Client desktops and laptos

  • Performance Optimisation

    TRIM, Idle Garbage Collection

  • Service & Support

    3.Year Standard Warranty Program, Online Tech Support

  • Software & Services

    SSD management software: SSD Utility v3.1 and above

Product Range

Part number Capacity EAN
THN-RC10Z1200G8(TS 120 GB 811375030024
THN-RC10Z2400G8(TS 240 GB 811375030031
THN-RC10Z4800G8(TS 480 GB 811375030048

Warranty, Firmware & Software

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